Zodiac – M

Slovak Aviation Federation, David Meszáros

Zodiac-M is a modification of the all-metal Lightweight two-seater sports aircraft Zodiac CH 601, designed by Chris Heintz, and was manufactured as kits and completed aircraft by Zenair in Canada and Zenith Aircraft Company in the US first took off in 1984. This modification was made by Mr. Kolcsanyi Ferenc and Szabadi Tibor, under the supervision of professional experienced technician Vég Pál, in Hungary, based on previous experience and operational knowledge of the original type. The steering, cab opening, chassis, wings and instrumentation were modified.

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Aviation Federation, David Meszáros
Length (m)6,4
Height (m)2,3
Wingspan (m)9,1
Maximum take-off weight (kg)450
The maximum ceiling (m) 4000
Maximum range (km)1000
Maximum speed (km/h)180

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