Zlín Z-50

Aero Motor Military Club

Zlín 50M, also known as the “Little Fifty” is an all-metal low-wing aircraft that is intended for acrobatic training and also as a level between acrobatic trainers and full-fledged acrobatic specials, also as a replacement for the Z-526AFS. Although the Z-50M was not initially intended for competitive acrobatics, it is still used in the Intermediate category today. The first flight took place on April 25, 1988.

The wingspan is 8.58m, and the length of the fuselage is 6.96m. The maximum take-off weight is 780 kg, service ceiling is 6000 m and range about 300 km. Compared to other versions that have Lycoming engines, the power unit is an in-line six-cylinder Avia M-137AZ inverter with an output of 180 hp and an automatically adjustable Avia V-503A propeller. The aircraft was manufactured from 1988 to 1992, and only eight pieces were produced. The last manufactured Z 50M with serial number 0080 and license plate OK-WRQ was flown on December 20, 1991. In January 1992, it was sold to a private person in South Africa, where it was operated until 1996 as ZS-NEK. In 2015, re-imported to the Czech Republic. After the necessary repairs had been carried out, it is operated by us from Trenčín with the original registration OK-WRQ.


 Zlín Z-50
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byAero Motor Military Club
Length (m)6,96
Height (m)1,99
Wingspan (m)8,58
Maximum take-off weight (kg)720
Maximum range (km)230
Maximum speed (km/h)305

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