Zlín Z-43

Aero Motor Military Club

Zlín 43 is a four-seater sport tourist low-wing aircraft of the 40 series of aluminium-duralumin construction with laminate elements but also used for basic and continuing training. The first flight took place on 10.12. 1968. The construction upgrades and builds upon the previous type Zlín.

The wingspan is 9.76m, and the length of the fuselage is 7.75m. The maximum take-off weight is 1350 kg, service ceiling is 3800 m and range around 900 km at a cruising speed of 200 km / h. The never-exceed speed is 275km / h. An inverted six-cylinder engine powers Zlín 43 with an Avia M337A compressor with an output of 210 hp and a metal hydraulically adjustable propeller Avia V-500A.

In 1973 the prototype of Z-43 was rebuilt into Z-43S which was an air-ambulance version. The place for passengers and payload was modified for one patient and two people, but this version was never mass-produced. There was another prototype, the Z-43M – which had a modified cockpit to be similar with the Z-142. However, Zlin 43M also never went past a prototype.

In our fleet, we have a Zlin 43 with a registration number OM-FOP and a serial number 0066 with a rich history. The plane first flew in Aeroklub Poprad where it flew as OK-FOP. Later it flew in Aeroclub Nitra and then came to us in Trenčín, where a general overhaul was carried out. That means that almost “new plane” returned to us. Zlin 43 proved to be less popular than its two-seat Z-42 counterpart. Still, it is also one of the legendary Czechoslovak aircraft. The proof is the number of still flying exemplars in aeroclubs. A total of 84 pieces were produced.

 Zlín Z-43
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byAero Motor Military Club
Length (m)7,75
Height (m)2,91
Wingspan (m)9,76
Maximum take-off weight (kg)1350
The maximum ceiling (m)3800
Maximum range (km)1100
Maximum speed (km/h)235

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