Zlín Z-142

Slovak National Aeroclub, Záhorácky aeroklub Senica

Zlín Z-142 is all-metal low-wing aircraft of aluminum-duralumin construction. It’s able to carry two people – a pilot and one passenger. The fuel tanks have capacity of 220 liters, which allows a range of up to 1050 kilometers at a cruising speed of 175 km / h. It‘s service ceiling is up to 4300 meters. The landing gear of the aircraft has tricycle gear configuration. The Zlín Z-142 aircraft is approved for day flights under normal weather conditions.

• Private Pilot License (PPL) training
• Advanced sport flights training
• Navigation flights
• Aerobatics
• Qualification training – Aerobatics basic
• Qualification training – Aerobatics advanced
• Advanced sport training in aerobatics
• Aerobatics training of the Slovak National Team

 Zlín Z-142
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak National Aeroclub, Záhorácky aeroklub Senica
Length (m)7,3
Height (m)2,8
Wingspan (m)9,2
Maximum take-off weight (kg)970
The maximum ceiling (m) 4250
Maximum range (km)530
Maximum speed (km/h)333

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