Slovak National Aeroclub, Aeroclub Nitra

The Z-526F is a two-seater, training aircraft that was used in the past as an aircraft for basic, advanced training and towing of non-powered aircraft. The first prototype took off in 1969. The M 137 power unit with an output of 180 horsepower together with the V 503A propeller forms a perfect combination. The Z-526F aircraft was the first aircraft in the territory of Czechoslovakia to be certified as fully acrobatic with a maximum take-off weight of 940 kg in full occupancy with operating load multiples of + 6g, -3g. There are still a few aircraft of this type in the world that do not have exhausted aerobatic hours.

The Z-526F aircraft with the registration mark OM-CRO was manufactured in 1972 with serial number 1180.

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak National Aeroclub
Length (m)8,0
Height (m)2,06
Wingspan (m)10,6
Maximum take-off weight (kg)975
The maximum ceiling (m) 5200
Maximum range (km)400
Maximum speed (km/h)180

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