Slovak National Aeroclub

The Zlin 50 is the world’s first mass-produced aerobatic aircraft. The construction of the aircraft is all-metal with a fixed landing gear.

The aircraft project in the design office of Moravan Otrokovice began in 1973 with the aim of promoting Czechoslovak athletes at the World Aerobatics Championships. Under the leadership of Ing. Jan Mikula was approached to the proposal very professionally from the beginning. To ensure good aircraft performance, mathematical optimization was developed for the first time in a given category. The Lycoming AEIO-540-D4B5 engine with an output of 260 horsepower was chosen. In order to save weight and fatigue life, a wing with a continuous beam in one unit was chosen. The first prototype took off in 1975. Serial production began in 1976 and continued until 1991 with a total number of aircraft produced – 80 pieces. Zlin 50 was produced in five versions – Z-50L, Z-50LA, Z-50LS, Z-50M, Z-50LX.

World achievements:
• 1976 – 3rd place at the 8th World Championships in aerobatics, Kiev – pilot Ivan Tuček
• 1978 – 1st place at the 9th World Championships in aerobatics, Hosín – pilot Ivan Tuček
• 1978 – 3rd place at the 9th World Championships in aerobatics, Hosín – pilot Ing. Pospíšil
• 1978 – 1st place at the 9th World Championships in aerial acrobatics, Hosín – team Czechoslovakia
• 1982 – 3rd place at the 11th World Aerobatics Championships, Spitzerberg – pilot Manfred Strössenreuther
• 1984 – 1st place at the 12th World Championships in aerobatics, Békéscsaba – pilot Petr Jirmus
• 1984 – 2nd place at the 12th World Aerobatics Championships, Békéscsaba – pilot Manfred Strössenreuther
• 1986 – 1st place at the 13th World Championships in aerobatics, South Cerney – pilot Petr Jirmus
• 1995 – 1st place in the Advanced category (with limited performance) at the World Championships in Aerobatics, Cape Town – pilot Martin Stahalík

Zlin 50 won several other victories at the European Championships etc. Until recently, it was used by the world-famous acrobatic groups Źelaźni and Flying Bulls.

The Z-50LA aircraft with the registration mark OM-EWA with serial number 022 is in private ownership with its home airport Nitra – LZNI.


CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak National Aeroclub
Length (m)6,62
Height (m)1,99
Wingspan (m)8,58
Maximum take-off weight (kg)720
The maximum ceiling (m) 7000
Maximum range (km)180
speed (km/h)

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