Xenon 2R

Slovak Aviation Federation, KolArms

Xenon 2R je two-seat gyroplane/autogyro with side-by-side seats configuration. It is powered by Rotax 912 ULT engine providing 120PS in push configuration.
Push-pull rods are transmitting main control inputs to main rotor. Directional control is provided with cables via foot pedals.
Main rotor pre-rotation motion is provided by slip clutch between engine reductor and main rotor head. Pre-rotation process is controlled via pneumatic system.
Best qualities of gyroplane/autogyro is its agility, wide range of operational speeds (30 – 170 km/h) and short landing distance (sometimes 0-30 meters) as well as non-existence of stall speed.

 Xenon 2R
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Aviation Federation, KolArms
Length (m)4,90
Height (m)2,90
Main rotor diameter (m)8,50
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560
The maximum ceiling (m) 3000
Maximum range (km)350
Maximum speed (km/h)180

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