Aeropro s.r.o.

In 2011, Aeropro began developing the first pre-production Vision. In the development, we used many years of experience in the production of aircrafts. The project involved prominent engineers, aerodynamicists, a team of designers and technologists. The aim was to design an aircraft with a timeless design, with excellent flight and performance characteristics.

In 2012, the first EuroFOX-VISION 01 verification aircraft was manufactured (fuselage from the original EuroFox + composite wing + composite tail surfaces), which has a flight time more than 670 hours. The final flight characteristics of the project were verified on the VISION 02 aircraft. He obtained a certificate of airworthiness like EXPERIMENTAL CS-LSA category. At present, the development of the VISION is completed. All technological molds and frame jig for it‘s production are produced.

The VISION is a two-seater aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft category designed up to a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg. This aircraft has been designed for the category according to the CS-LSA building code for European certification and ASTM F2245 for certification in the USA.

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byAeropro s.r.o.
Length (m)6,18
Height (m)2,42
Wingspan (m)10,80
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
The maximum ceiling (m) 4200
Maximum range (km)1800
Maximum speed (km/h)257

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