NISUS Gyroplane

Jokertrike s.r.o.

The gyroplane supporting structure is welded from Chrome molybdenum steel tubes (25crmo4 NBK), which at a low weight ensure high rigidity and safety of the structure.

The inside of the cabin is fully layered with CKH (Carbon Kevlar Hybrid) to provide maximum safety of the crew in case of an emergency.

Safety Cage Nisus is supported by a full circumferential frame securing higher safety, therefore providing spectacular panoramic views. Gyroplane’s support frame pressure control system.

Saving energy Through its unique design, designed as a Buoyancy body, the faster it flies, the more you save.

Empennage Its novel design with double rudder improves its functionality of manoeuvring at low speed, for example during landing.

Nisus Gyroplane
CountrySlovak republic
Operated byJokertrike s.r.o.
Length (m)4,8
Height (m)2,7
Main rotor diameter (m)8,6
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560
The maximum ceiling (m) 3962
Maximum range (km)500
Maximum speed (km/h)195

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