Tomark, s.r.o.

All-metal two-seater sports plane in the UL/LSA/CS-LSA categories, ideal for travelling, flight training, and adventure flying. Perfect harmony of top flight characteristics, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent design.

Viper SD4 is an elegant all-metal low-wing aircraft, ideal for travelling, sport and recreational flying, and great means of longer trip to the sea. That’s why Viper has become a popular tool for experienced and starting pilots, flight schools as well as flying fans and admirers of beautiful design. Rich equipment is completed by electric flaps, electric trim – elevator, aileron, autopilot, ballistic recovery system (AEPS).

The Viper SD4 RTC and Night-VFR types obtained EASA certificates. Both types, represent a brilliant way to become a professional pilot and the Night-VFR an ideal tool for night flying.

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byTOMARK, s.r.o.
Length (m)6,3
Height (m)2,2
Wingspan (m)8,4
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
The maximum ceiling (m) 5000
Maximum range (km)1200
Maximum speed (km/h)240

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