Viper SD-4

CBS spol, s. r. o. (Creative Business Studio)

Viper SD4 is an all-metal two-seater plane of Slovak production. This single-engine, low-wing aeroplane in a two-seat configuration with the seats arranged side by side is suitable for sport, recreational flying, travelling, and training new pilots. The company CBS spol, s.r.o. uses the OM-CBS Viper for aerial works in a natural environment, for which it was approved by the Slovak Transport Authority. It serves for making aerial photographs and films within the Slovak Republic, as well as virtual reality using 360-degree technology. For this purpose, it has a special photo window installed on the right side of the cabin and camera mounts on the right wing and the bottom of the plane. You can see the final aerial photographs made from this plane in the books Slovakia from Heaven, on the websites, and aerial videos on the YouTube channel Slovakia from Heaven.

Viper SD-4
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byCBS spol, s. r. o. (Creative Business Studio)
Length (m)6,4
Height (m)2,2
Wingspan (m)8,4
Maximum take-off weight (kg)450
The maximum ceiling (m) 5000
Maximum range (km)1200
Maximum speed (km/h)240

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