VIMA (Virtual Mast)

Aliter Technologies, a.s.

Rapidly deployable tactical mast for unlimited aerial surveillance and enhanced radio coverage.

VIMA (Virtual Mast) is a solution fully replacing the classic mechanical mast that is used as a carrier of cameras, antennas, radios and other devices and sensors for tactical deployment.

VIMA combines modern technologies with customer’s high demands for quick set up in various environments, where is necessary to provide monitoring from higher altitudes than static mast is able to provide. Its take-off, flight and landing are fully automatic and it is possible to ensure its continuous operation thanks to the power from the ground station.

VIMA can provide support for counter-terrorist operations, high-risk interventions (including increasing radio coverage at the site), traffic or border monitoring, monitoring of cultural and sporting events, etc.

• Rapid setup of communication and sensory infrastructure
• Increase of radio coverage in areas of interest
• Implementation of various types of sensors such as daytime camera, thermal camera, etc.
• In times of floods, earthquakes, fires, industrial disasters, etc.
• Command posts of military units, special operations forces, immediate reaction units, fire brigades and rescue teams, object and border protection

Model VIMA (Virtual Mast)
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byAliter Technologies, a.s.
Max. height of flight (m)100
Max. speed of wind (m/s)12
Max. payload (kg)3
Weight – aerial segment (kg)8
Weight – ground segment (kg)40
Transporting dimensions - aerial segment (mm)673 x 673 x 641
Transporting dimensions - ground segment (mm)521 x 521 x 489
Camera systemEO camera 1080p / 10x optical zoom
IR thermal camera
the possibility to integrate different types of cameras
Radio technologyhigh speed data radio

the possibility to integrate different types of handheld radios
The possibility to integrate various sensors and devices (loudspeaker, LED lighting, air quality sensor)

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