Tomi Cross 5 Sport / Quasar / R912

Slovak Air Amateur Association, ROGALLO TEAM

Two-seater machine with double control also for the needs of training new pilots, in the ROGALLO TEAM training center Airport Dubová next to the city of Modra.

Powered hang glider – or a trike, is currently one of the most affordable forms of motor flying. The wing can be easily folded, so the trike can be easily stored. Due to its cruise speed, it is also suitable for overcoming longer air distances. The open cockpit space guarantees perfect contact with the surrounding environment for pilot and passenger and enhances the experience of moving through the air. Simple construction allows you to land and take off even on unpaved surfaces.

Source of media information:

The trike –      Tomi Cross 5 Sport – two seats, all three wheels sprung and braked, 39 liters fuel tank
The wing –      Quasar CZ 15,4 – wing area 14,4m with a good range of speed
The engine –   Rotax 912 80HP
Min. speed –   65km/h
Max. speed –  140km/h

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Air Amateur Association, ROGALLO TEAM
Length (m)3,0
Height (m)4,0
Wingspan (m)10,0
Maximum take-off weight (kg)450
Maximum speed (km/h)140

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