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A super-fast fighter jet? After you climb into the Stream, you’ll experience the same feelings as military pilots. Seats placed behind each other and the well-thought-out shape of the aircraft. The most modern glass cockpit and the maximum amount of control elements on the sidestick. A perfect design, aerodynamically clean, with precise control. A robust retractable landing gear and a ROTAX 912UILS engine with a PowerMax propeller mean just one thing: safety, high speeds and an unbelievable flying experience! The Stream is the future. The Stream is setting the trends for ultra-light flying. Characteristics: 2 seats in a tandem arrangement, electronically operated flaps, a retractable and steerable landing gear, braked wheels of the main landing gear, manufactured from Kevlar and carbon fibre. Speeds: stall speed: 65 km/h (40 mph) – Ultra Light Aircraft, Never exceed speed: 335 km/h (208 mph). A dashboard with the most modern avionics. Everything is clearly arranged and within the pilot’s reach. Ergonomically shaped heated leather seats. A guarantee of comfort for the occupants even during longer flights, a terrific view from the cabin, precise control thanks to the sidestick, comfortable leather seats, excellent ergonomics. The Stream’s cockpit will envelop you and not let go. You’ll immediately start to feel like a fighter jet pilot. Everything is clearly arranged and within reach, dual controls, a modern concept with sidesticks electronically adjustable front and rear pedals, electronically operated flaps and balancing.

The Stream’s steering is simple and absolutely precise. The sidestick with a control for the gear retraction will provide you with perfect control over the aircraft. All that’s needed is to figure out where to fly next… Flying the Stream is a joy. Thanks to the great steering, you get the feeling of being one with the aircraft. You won’t want to stop.

CountryCzech Republic
Operated byTL-ULTRALIGHT / manufacturer
Length (m)6,79
Wingspan (m)9,00
Height (m)2,48
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
Maximum range (km)1400
Maximum speed (km/h)325

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