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Powerful, safe, comfortable, and very spacious; these are the attributes that characterize the newest modern aircraft from the TL-ULTRALIGHT, s.r.o. the Sparker. Through modern technology, we have created a versatile airframe that is both elegant and aerodynamically efficient. The result is large interior spaces for both crew and luggage.

2 seats side by side, Electric flaps, Retractable undercarriage, Braked wheels of the main landing gear and steerable nose gear Made of Kevlar and carbon fibers, 2 luggage compartments. Speeds: Stall speed: 82 km / h (44 kts; 51 mph) – MTOW 600 kg, Never exceed speed: 335 km / h (181 kts; 208 mph). The Sparker’s dashboard comes with the latest avionics. Everything is placed at the pilot‘s fingertips. An unbeatably large instrument panel includes three ten-inch displays. This large panel comes installed with versatile avionics equipment. Ergonomically shaped heated leather seats guarantee the crew’s comfort during long flights, amazing views from the cabin, precise steering thanks to sidestick controls, comfortable leather seats, great ergonomics. The generous Sparker cockpit provides maximum comfort and unobstructed views, thanks to the clear arrangement of all elements. Sparker control is easy and absolutely accurate. Sidesticks with the control of transverse and longitudinal balance will provide you with the perfect control over the aircraft. You’ll be convinced on your maiden flight when the Sparker meets all expectations.

CountryCzech Republic
Operated byTL-ULTRALIGHT / manufacturer
Length (m)6,63
Height (m)2,57
Wingspan (m)9,00
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
Maximum range (km)1400
Maximum speed (km/h)335 (with Rotax 915 iS engine)

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