Slovenský národný aeroklub gen. Milana Rastislava Štefánika

The history of the Slovak National Aeroclub (SNA) dates back to the 1920s, when the Czechoslovak Aviation Club was established. Modern history of the SNA began on February 6, 1990, when the Slovak National Aeroclub of M. R. Štefánik based in Bratislava, Vajnory Airport was founded.

On August 23, 2016, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports officially recognized the SNA as a national sports association. In the following years Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling and Slovak Air Amateur Association (managing powered and non-powered paragliding and hang-gliding) became part of the SNA. It currently conducts the following aviation activities through expert commissions:
– General Aviation
– Gliding
– Aeromodelling
– Skydiving
– Ballooning
– Power and glider aerobatics
– Paragliding
– Microlights and paramotors
– Hang-gliding

At present, the SNA has more than 3,500 members in 36 basic organizational units (aeroclubs) across Slovakia. Their number is growing annually.

The SNA is a member of the FAI International Aviation Organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland and a member of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee.

The SNA as the National Sports Association focuses on sport activities, patronizing the Slovak national team in air sports.

One of the priorities of the National Sports Association is the support of youth in all areas of air sports.

The club takes pride in its athletes whose performance is frequently awarded with medals at important sports events.

In addition to sports activities, the SNA provides service in aircraft maintenance and airwortiness certification. It is the largest aircraft operator in Slovakia.

The SNA is authorized to provide training for skydiving instructors, parachute packers and droppers.

SNA´s training facility (Declared Training Organization) offers a private pilot licence training (PPL), a sport pilot licence training (SPL), a balloon pilot licence training (BPL) and an ultralight aircraft pilot licence training (ULL).

The SNA performs a wide and diverse range of activities and is constantly working to provide its members with large-scale and high quality services.


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