Slovak league of aviators

Slovenská liga aviatikov o.z.

Slovak League of Aviators = progress on Slovak Sky

In the spring 2015 Slovak League of Aviators had been authorized by Slovak Transport Authority for
tttttttt• pilot training, pilot licencing
tttttttt• technical inspections and registration
and overall administration for category of flying sports vehicles (airplanes, gyrocopters, helicopters and gliders)

The decisive impulse for the establishment of the Slovak League of Aviators was the growing necessity of the existence of an aviation organization representing the real interests of recreational and sports pilots.

Among the real interests of pilots and our main tasks we include:
tttttttt• fast, easy administration around pilot licenses
tttttttt• quality pilot training with a modern examination and training system
tttttttt• fast registration and quality technical supervision of aircraft and amateur aircraft constructions
ttttttttautomated pilot alert service for expirations of licenses, health certificates, insurance and airworthiness of aircraft

At all audits performed by the Slovak Transport Authority in the Slovak Aviation League, we were evaluated as the best of all authorized aviation organizations in Slovakia, despite the fact that we entered the aviation as a new organization.

As the first authorized aviation organization in Slovakia, we have put into practice:
tttttttt• trial quizzes for students and pilots on our website
tttttttt• online examination of theory for pilots via the SLA web server
tttttttt• own information system with automated notification of expiration of licenses and certificates
tttttttt• quality monitoring system

The development and popularization of recreational and sports flying is one of our long-term goals:
navigation and tourist flights, amateur aerial photography, learning about history and archaeological monuments, nature conservation, deepening knowledge of meteorology, geography, group flights abroad – the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, etc.


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