Slovak Association of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems

Slovak Association of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems

It is a legal entity, which on the date of registration in the register kept at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava, has acquired the rights and obligations arising from the relevant regulations and the rules of teh Association. The focus of the association is to support the initiative and common interests of users of unmanned aerial vehicles, hobby enthusiasts or legal entities engaged in business in the field of UAVs and other entities operating in the UAV sector.

Mission of the Association

  • To actively participate in the development of legislation in order to streamline the operation and work with UAVs in the territory of the Slovak Republic and the EU
  • Promotion of the legal and safe use of UAVs in the professional and hobby sector by the members of the Association
  • Development and active participation in education
  • Representation of the common interests of the Association members
  • Promotion and development of research into unmanned flying vehicles and systems

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