Slovak Air Amateur Association

Letecká amatérska asociácia SR

Slovak Air Amateur Association (LAA SR) was established in 1993 as a organization for paragliding (PK), hanggliding (ZK), paramotor (MPK) and microlight (MZK) flying. Currently LAA SR is the largest authorized aviation sports organization in the Slovak republic.

Nature, clean air, peace and quiet with a bit of adrenaline – all of this and more defines the experience of flying on our sports flying equipment. The flying activities we provide are accessible for all ages from the age of 15 and for the those feeling a little less adventurous, complete tandem flights with an experienced pilot are available, which is the easiest way you can fulfill your dreams of flying.

In addition to training of new pilots, we organize sports teams that successfully represent us at global and European international events. Every year we organize championships with foreign participation in all our specialties. Currently, a sports project with young people and talented juniors is underway, in which we place our hopes as future representatives of Slovakia.


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