Shark Aero s.r.o.

SHARK is high-performance two-seat tandem ultralight aircraft with first-class comfortable interior and construction based on carbon-fiber/epoxy airframe with a monocoque fuselage and integral fin. It has been awarded several world awards and records, including one for the world’s fastest ultralight aircraft in serial production.

SHARK is an advanced, structurally highly stable, safe, firm and time-proven plane with exclusive performance and very user-friendly & predictable flight characteristics. After more than 10 years since production launch and based on continuous development, SHARK is currently undergoing an extensive program of development and implementation of further significant upgrades and innovations, all within R&D project supported from the EU funds. SHARK is a piece of work of top Slovak and Czech professionals. It is manufactured in Senica. Up to now more than 100 aircrafts have been produced and delivered all around the world.

The aircraft on display bears serial number 061. It is a SHARK experimental prototype with installation of turbo-charged EP 914 with performance of 84.5 kW (115 hp) and 144 Nm (106 ft. lb.) by Norwegian EDGE PERFORMANCE specialized in engine modifications and upgrades. Thanks to uncompromisingly optimized aerodynamics, aerodynamically clean nose and speed optimalization of the airframe, this engine allows the displayed SHARK to achieve maximum continuous cruise speed more than 300 km/h, with incomparably low consumption of widely accessible and relatively cheap 95/98 gasoline. Thus, SHARK is a suitable vehicle for long flights at flight altitudes and distances over 2,000 km, even at MTOW. Despite achieving top speeds, the aircraft is optimized for stable and safe flight even at very low speeds. The final approach in the landing configuration, is typically performed at an air speed of 100-110 km/h, even with a safe gust speed reserve. The development of experimental motorization and implemented aerodynamic optimizations of the airframe aim at increasing the design speeds of the airframe to achieve even higher speeds while further increasing the strength of the airframe and further improving the already excellent performance of SHARK aircraft. Of course, it is equipped with a rescue ballistic system, the most advanced Dynon avionics (however SHARK may be equipped with Garmin as well), backup instruments, autopilot, mode transponders, ELT, and more.

SHARK’s characteristics and performance have attracted the attention of the world record holder and aerobatics champion Mr. Zoltán VERES to such an extent that he has become one of SHARK’s satisfied owners and users.

 Shark UL
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySHARK AERO s.r.o.
Length (m)6,85
Height (m)2,51
Wingspan (m)7,9
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
The maximum ceiling (m) 4000
Maximum range (km)2731 (plus VFR reserve 30 min)
Maximum speed (km/h)333

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