Nisa Air s.r.o.

The Robinson R 66 Turbine is the flagship aircraft of the Robinson Helicopter Company. It is the largest and most powerful type, but retains the same philosophy of simplicity of operation, ease of piloting, stability, low operating costs and ease of maintenance as its smaller siblings.

Compared to the R 44, the R 66 Turbine offers a more significant power surplus thanks to the Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine with 300 hp, as well as a fifth seat, a spacious luggage compartment, an additional fuel tank and a higher payload, everything that clients missed in the piston versions.

The R 66 design also incorporates most of its design from the R 44, including the twin-blade rotor system and T-shaped cyclic lever.

The Robinson R 66 Turbine is well suited for longer distance travel with the ability to really take the whole family on board with luggage. In the US and Canada it is also used by police forces, for commercial intelligence and commercial air travel. Its main use is recreational flying and air touring for owner pilots.

The R 66 propeller is equipped with one two-bladed carrier rotor and one two-bladed balancing rotor. The cabin is a tubular truss structure while the tail section is a semi-shell. The landing gear is designed with skids.

Instrumentation is always at the client’s request and offers a wide range of instruments, navigation and radio communication equipment. A modern trend, not only for Robinson helicopters, is also the so-called “glass” cockpits, offering instead of the classical analogue instruments intergrated systems on two displays, which combine both flight, communication and navigation data.

For R 66 Turbine helicopters, the HeliSAS (stability augmentation system) autopilot is also offered from 2017. Other extras include air conditioning, an intergrated 4K camera, heated seats, an audio alert system contributing to greater safety in emergency situations, a bird strike safety windshield, and more.

CountryCzech Republic
Operated byNisa Air s.r.o.
Length (m)11,66
Height (m)3,51
Main rotor diameter (m)10,10
Maximum take-off weight (kg)1225
The maximum ceiling (m) 4270
Maximum range (km)650 / 1000
Maximum speed (km/h)205

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