SKY STORY, s.r.o.

The PS28 Cruiser aircraft is an all-metal low-flying aircraft used in our country as the main type for flying training. Both aircraft used in our country are equipped identically, except for small details. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS engine with an output of 100 horsepower. The cabin consists of modern instrumentation so-called. glass cockpit with screens from the company DYNON consisting of the flight display EFIS D100 and engine data display EMS 120. In the middle of the instrument panel is GPS GARMIN 695. Both aircraft are equipped with a parachute rescue system from BRS.

 PS-28 Cruiser
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySKY STORY, s.r.o.
Length (m)6,62
Height (m)2,32
Wingspan (m)8,6
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
The maximum ceiling (m)4000
Maximum range (km)953
Maximum speed (km/h)220

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