Nuoli, s.r.o.

The company NUOLI s.r.o., Dunajská Streda, in addition to servicing UL / LSA aircraft, also offers you all-metal UL / LSA aircraft from the Italian manufacturer Ing. Nando Groppo Srl., Which we represent in the Slovak, Czech and Polish Republics.

The company produces two types – Groppo G70 (crew sits next to each other) and Groppo Trail (tandem crew layout), they are all-metal struts, in addition, Trail has STOL features.

Mobile service
We perform routine aircraft maintenance in the form of mobile service – our own service vehicle. Work on a larger scale at the airport in Sládkovičovo or in our workshop near the airport.

UL and LSA aircraft service
Regular aircraft maintenance
Regular aircraft maintenance – prescribed inspections according to the aircraft flight manual.
Repairs, modifications and service at the customer’s request.
We also provide service for UL and LSA aircraft of mixed constructions on a larger scale, which we perform in our workshop near the airport in Sládkovičovo.

Adjusting Rotax motors
Carburetor synchronization:

Setting the engine and propeller, or selecting a more efficient propeller for a given type of LŠZ
Dynamic propeller balancing
Propeller balancing using the latest technology to eliminate weak vibrations.

Avionics upgrade
Replacement or installation of selected devices
Complete production and replacement of dashboards

Interior design
Partial or complete renovation of the interior of aircraft, including upholstery products, laminate accessories

Aircraft repairs
Aircraft repairs in agreement with the customer, in whole or in part

The individual approach and high expertise of our specialists is paramount for us.

NUOLI s.r.o.
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NUOLI s.r.o.
Aircraft designed for basic training – LŠZ pilot, in operation at the Aviation School.
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