Monotrike / Aeros Discus 15T / Cors-Air Black Bull

Slovak Air Amateur Association, ROGALLO TEAM

In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in simple and light trikes. They got a name “nanotrike” for extremely low weight compared to classic powered hang gliders.

These trikes also appealed to the pilots with their possibility of transport – nanotrike can be assembled to a size that fits in the trunk of a car. The whole device can be easily disassembled and stored in the garage with minimal effort. Some hang glider pilots choose nanotrike as an alternative to days when it is not possible to fly in thermal. Other pilots use nanotrike as an opportunity to expand their flight opportunities.

The trike:       Monotrike – one seat trike, braked front wheel, 25 Liters fuel tank
The wing:       Aeros Discus 15T, also pleasant for the use in thermal rising currents
The engine:   Cors-Air Black Bull 2T, 33HP
Min.speed:    37km/h
Max speed:   80km/h

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Air Amateur Association, ROGALLO TEAM
Length (m)2,0
Height (m)2,0
Wingspan (m)10,0
Maximum take-off weight (kg)205
Maximum speed (km/h)80

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