M24 Plus – Magni Gyro

Magni Gyro Italy (Peter Szolnoky on behalf of Magni Gyro Italy)

This 50-year-old leading Italian company produces a world-renowned range of gyroplanes known for their safety, reliability, stability and high quality.

According to mythology, Orion was the most beautiful and most imposing of men and it is from this mythology that the name and position of the M24 in the Magni Gyro range originates.
Today, there are two types of M24 models, namely the M24 Orion with the 115 hp Rotax 914 engine. The second type of M24 is the M24 Plus with a 141 hp Rotax 915 iS engine.
The Magni M24 is the first enclosed two-seat factory-built side-by-side gyroplane to be fully approved to BCAR Section T, the British CAA’s approval standard for gyroplanes. Other certifications and approvals have been obtained in other countries around the world and also in the Czech Republic.
The outer lines of the fuselage perfectly embody the grace and panache of the Magni Gyro style. The design, its internal layout and the high quality materials used for the windscreen and door visors offer a huge panoramic view. The cabin layout reflects the company’s values and attention to detail. The use of high-quality materials and elegant colour combinations reflects the meticulous care taken in the development of the individual elements of the aircraft. The black carbon fibre dashboard provides a dynamic colour contrast that enhances the perception of the interior space and provides the perfect backdrop to ensure easy readability of instruments and avionics. The M24 Orion is equipped with three easily accessible luggage compartments. The 82 litre fuel tank allows for flights of up to four hours at cruising speeds of 120-150 km/h. The cabin heating system makes the M24 ideal for cold winter days! The Orion can even fly on snowy surfaces with optional easy-to-install skis.
Other types are open gyrocopters with a seating arrangement behind, namely the M18 Trainer and M22 Voyager. Next year, the M26 type will enter the market with seats also behind, with a closed cabin.
Discover the performance of Magni gyrocopters and be amazed by the amazing passion shared by thousands of pilots and enthusiasts around the world.

 M24 Plus - Magni Gyro
CountryCzech Republic
Operated byMagni Gyro, Italy (Peter Szolnoky on behalf of Magni Gyro, Italy)
Length (m)4,4
Height (m)2,75
Main rotor diameter(m)8,57
Maximum take-off weight (kg)535
The maximum ceiling (m) 4000
Maximum range (km)500
Maximum speed (km/h)160

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