Slovak aerospace modelling association

Slovak aerospace modelling association (LERMAS)

is a direct successor of modelling organizations that have been operating in the Czechoslovak Republic and now in the Slovak Republic for more than 70 years. As the development of the society went on, the names and organizational structures of the modelling organizations has also developed. The only thing that has not changed has been and still is the excellent results of our modellers at the international level and the ongoing work with the youth. Since 1993 alone, our aircraft and rocket modellers have won more than 450 medals from competitions organized by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI).

Our movement underwent the last changes after the adoption of the Sports Act in 2017, when it was necessary to separate the specialization of aircraft and rocket modellers so that they meet the requirements of the “recognized sport”. The processes of creation methods of cooperation with other organizations in the field of air sports is still under development and a suitable model is being sought that would allow everyone equal access to financial as well as legislative resources.

Our association is a member of the FAI, where modellers form the largest group, not only in terms of the number of members, especially juniors, but also in terms of the number of sports and competition activities around the world.

The solid and over the years proven structure of democratically elected bodies together with the recognition of the organization principles through clubs allows us to manage new rules even at a time when the conditions for flying with models are tightening and in doing so be a good partner for state authorities in maintaining and increasing safety in the Slovak airspace.

We are the only organization in the field of air sports that has the know-how, is able to and may fully dedicate itself to youth and children.


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