L – 40 Meta Sokol

Aeroklub 4511, Boleráz o.z.

L-40 Meta Sokol is Czechoslovak-made all-metal low-wing sport aircraft with fixed landing gear developed for aero tourism.
Manufacturer: Orličan n.p., Choceň
Year of manufacture: 1958
Aircraft was initially registered as OK –MMJ, after general overhaul owner changed registration to OM – AFA which is still in use.
Operator: STAMFI s. r. o. Trnava

CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySTAMFI s.r.o. Trnava
Length (m)7,54
Height (m)2,47
Wingspan (m)10,06
Maximum take-off weight (kg)950
The maximum ceiling (m) 5050
Maximum range (km)1100
Maximum speed (km/h)225

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