L-13 SEH Vivat

Slovak Aviation Federation, Pepo Čech

L-13 SEH Vivat is two-seat full-metal powered glider with side-by-side seat configuration. Wing is equiped with flaps and airbrakes on both top and bottom side of wing.

Glider was construced in Aerotechnik Kunovice in year 1976, using parts of L-13 Blaník glider. It is inded to be used as training a tourism aircraft.

Aircraft is powered by 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine WALTER MIKRON IIIA and 2-blade variable pitched poppeler Hoffmann Ho V – 62R. Engine displacement is 2600 cm3 and provides 65 HP at 2600 rpm. Consumption during cruise is 10 – 16 L per hour depending on cruise speed 110 – 160 km/h. Stall speed is 65 km/h and never exceed speed 230 km/h.

210 units of this aircraft were made and most of them was exported to USA and eastern Europe.

 L-13 SEH Vivat
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Aviation Federation, Pepo Čech
Length (m)8,3
Height (m)2,3
Wingspan (m)16,8
Maximum take-off weight (kg)705
Maximum speed (km/h)230
Minimum speed (km/h)65

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