Flyway s.r.o.

Flyway s.r.o.

The FLYWAY gyrocopter school was established thanks to a passion for gyrocopter flying. We want to make by or activities happy everyone who wants enjoy their life the most.

Get involved and reach your next life goal with us. Let experience something extraordinary and unknown. There is nothing to wait for. Join community of open minded independent people who fly with us to the neighboring countries within Europe and regularly around the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Take your own gyrocopter or rent ours and fly freely and safely over our beautiful landscapes in all seasons. Let flying be the most beautiful and safest way of transportation and relaxation even for you,

You will be trained by experienced flying instructors, including professional pilots with a high number of hours on combat helicopters.

We train at the former military airport in Přerov, where we can provide you with a safe landing area and quality facilities


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