Dynamic WT 9.15GTi

Aerospool spol. s r.o.

Dynamic WT 9.15GTi is a Slovak made composite two-seater plane. This single-engine, low-wing aircraft in a two-seat configuration with side by side seat arrangement is used for sport, recreational flying, travelling, and glider towing. Presented airplane is first prototype with engine Rotax 915iS with output of 104 KW / 141 hp. It is the most powerful aircraft manufactured by Aerospool. Its superiority are high airspeed, excellent climb ability and exceptional towing performance with the heaviest gliders too.

 Dynamic WT 9.15GTi
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated byAerospool spol. s r. o.
Length (m)6,72
Height (m)2,00
Wingspan (m)8,90
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
The maximum ceiling (m) 5500
Maximum range (km)1300
Maximum speed (km/h)340

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