Publishing house CBS spol, s.r.o.

Vydavateľstvo CBS spol, s.r.o.

Publishing house CBS spol, s.r.o.

The company CBS spol, s.r.o. was established in 2007.

The main goal of the CBS company is to create innovative products which share one common feature – an amazing view of the land. All the present and future products – whether painted maps, aerial books, magical books, tourist maps or aerial photography and filming – have always been associated with this mission.

Painted maps and series of books Slovakia from Heaven
Publishing started with the publication of painted maps of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The series of books Slovakia from Heaven, which have become the most important part of the publishing house’s market activities, include district and regional books in which the reader can find every Slovak village from above.

VKÚ tourist maps
The year 2016 meant a new beginning for the VKÚ Harmanec maps. Back then, the publishing house bought a cartographic section of the former state enterprise Military Cartographic Institute (VKÚ) in Harmanec and has, therefore, continued the Slovak as well as Czechoslovak cartographic tradition of more than 70 years.

Series of books Magical Slovakia
The series of books Magical Slovakia provide them with an opportunity to cooperate with Slovak photographers, who are passionate about photography. They help them to introduce their works of art to the public and show them to the world in the form of books.

Slovak Museum of Maps
In 2018 the company set up the Slovak Museum of Maps, where visitors can learn about the history of the Military Cartographic Institute in Harmanec, the production of maps in the past and present, how the territory was mapped back in the 16th century, and they can also try several things interactively using the latest technological advances.

Aerial photography and filming
Since the CBS publishing house is an aircraft company licensed by the Transport Authority of the Slovak Republic, it performs aerial photography on the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic on an annual basis. In 2021 it created the largest web-based database of aerial photographs in Slovakia from EU funds and made it available to the public on

Flight crews of the three sports aircraft of Slovak production perform more than just aerial photography through the specially fitted photo window on the right side of the cabin. By mounting cameras on the right wing and the bottom of the plane, they create 360-degree video maps, photo maps and photographs. Since 2021 these innovations have been introduced to the public on YouTube channels or the platform
Since the publishing house continues the production of the legendary VKÚ tourist maps, it has also launched the VKÚ Fashion brand with its first collection of map T-shirts – Mapyčko.


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