Cirrus Vision Jet

Cirrus Aircraft CZ

The Cirrus Vision SF50, also known as the Vision Jet, is a single-engine personal jet aircraft designed and manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota, United States.

The Vision Jet is a revolutionary aircraft in passenger air travel. It flies faster (cruise speed 311 KTAS), goes farther (1275 Nm) and carries more payload: up to 5 adults and 2 children.

Like every Cirrus aircraft, the Vision Jet is designed with the pilot and passengers in maximum concern. The combination of a wide range of design features and innovative systems provide the ultimate in safety: from the reliability of the turbine engine and the convenience of automatic thrust control to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute Rescue System (CAPS). The pioneer of safety standards, called ” aircraft with parachute”, is the most significant safety innovation in general aviation in more than half a century. Another revolutionary safety innovation is Safe Return™ – an emergency auto-landing system that allows passengers to land in an emergency situation at the touch of a button.

The Vision Jet defines the personal jet category. It features the world’s most advanced dashboard, Garmin’s Cirrus Perspective Touch+. Each aircraft is equipped with two high-resolution flight displays that are complemented by three wide touchscreens to truly optimize jet aircraft operations. The touchscreen controls present a familiar and intuitive interface that provides pilots with quick access to detailed flight and system information via a bright, panoramic display. No other dashboard offers this level of integration and functionality in such a clear and ergonomic layout.

In 2021, Cirrus Aircraft launched an enhanced version of the Vision Jet – the G2+ Vision Jet with optimized engine performance for enhanced mission capabilities, Gogo® InFlight WiFi technology to connect the cabin to the world, and new aesthetic options.

Now entering its third year as general aviation’s best-selling jet, the Vision Jet has won numerous awards, including the Robert J. Collier Trophy for “America’s Greatest Achievement in Aerospace or Aeronautics.”

CountryCzech Republic
Operated byCirrus Aircraft CZ
Length (m)9,42
Height (m)3,32
Wingspan (m)11,79
Maximum take-off weight (kg)2727
The maximum ceiling (m) 9448
Maximum range (km)2361
Maximum speed (km/h)575

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