Cirrus Aircraft CZ s.r.o.

Cirrus Aircraft CZ s.r.o.

Cirrus Aircraft CZ is Europe’s second largest operator and dealer of premium comfortable and extremely safe CIRRUS aircraft. As the only aircraft in its General Aviation category, Cirrus offers the highest standard of safety equipment and a large amount of optional features that enhance safety even further.

The company provides a complete service for its clients – from taking care of the aircraft, arranging financing and insurance, the possibility of using other aircraft from the fleet, providing safety pilots, contractual utilization of aircraft for demonstration or training flights, import and broker sales of secondhand aircraft, airworthiness management, to courses, training and seminars.

Last but not least, it operates the Cirrus Training Center flight school, which is the second largest certified Platinum Cirrus Training Center in Europe. It has an extensive team of TCI instructors with a rich aviation history and many years of training experience. It provides its clients with highly professional, efficient and safe training and professional superior care.


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