AGN Systems s.r.o. Czech Republic / partner, member of the Slovak League of Aviators

Every Cavalon is crafted with characteristics that combine aesthetics, functionality, and elegance. From its distinctive gull-wing doors, to the ergonomically designed and beautifully crafted interior, it simply looks right. The large door windows and front screen are not only elegant in design, they are functional too. They offer stunning views and excellent visibility for the occupants. The shark gill style of the engine bay cowlings completes the sporty look, while providing effective engine cooling. The sleek lines, quality construction, power and refinement of the Cavalon have set an entirely new standard in the global gyroplane market. The cockpit is center in the entire design concept. Modern EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) and the latest models of Garmin equipment, are seamlessly integrated into the layout. German design ergonomic concepts ensure that every flight experience is the best. Both seats and pedals can be adjusted to your desired position. The cabin heater and seat heater creates a cozy flight environment, where you can enjoy your wide and roomy cabin even in cold and wintry weather conditions. AutoGyro is proud to offer a range of panels to suit all needs, from simple minimalistic arrangements to high-end fully integrated cockpits with the proven Garmin technology.AutoGyro aircraft are available all over the world, using proven globally accessible equipment. Partnering with BRP Rotax and Garmin enables AutoGyro to ensure worldwide support for our products.

 CAVALON / AutoGyro
Operated byAGN Systems s.r.o. Czech Republic / partner, member of the Slovak League of Aviators
Length (m)4,6
Height (m)2,8
Main rotor diameter (m)8,4
Maximum range (km)700
The maximum ceiling (m)3600
Maximum speed (km/h)195
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560
Seat arrangementside by side

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