AGN Systems s.r.o. Czech Republic / partner, member of the Slovak League of Aviators

Calidus was developed and presented to the market for the first time in 2009. Since then it has been certified in numerous countries around the world and it is clear that the Calidus sets standards: As the ideal addition to our MTOsport, the Calidus is tailored perfectly to our customers’ requirements. For the first time, AutoGyro’s newly developed and patented Silent Block System is integrated in the aircraft to minimize vibration. Ideal for all kinds of weather conditions, the Calidus always offers maximum comfort: heated cabin, adjustable pilot seat, easily interchangeable canopy with or without sun roof and open sides – you can be sure that every wish will be fulfilled. Thanks to the unique monocoque-construction, fuel consumption and wind noise is massively decreased. The innovative Calidus is unique and ground breaking in design and engineering, in comfort and in flight characteristics. Prepared for the most diverse demands and weather conditions, the Calidus copes easily with turbulence and proves that the air is its element. A look inside shows: The Calidus is powered by a Rotax engine, which is integrated perfectly in the AutoGyro structure. There are two variants of this 4 cylinder motor: either the 912 ULS with 98 PS or the 914 UL Turbo with 115 PS. Each Calidus is handmade and completely customized in AutoGyro’s serial production factory, respecting the strictest quality requirements. Combined with the most modern avionics technology each gyroplane offers a 100% safe, fun and fascinating flight experience, 365 days a year.

 CALIDUS / AutoGyro
Operated byAGN Systems s.r.o. Czech Republic / partner, member of the Slovak League of Aviators
Length (m)4,8
Height (m)2,7
Main rotor diameter (m)8,4
Maximum range (km)600
Duration (h)6,5
Maximum speed (km/h)200
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560
Seat arrangementside by side

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