Bristell NG5

Slovak Aviation Federation, KolArms

Bristell NG5 is all-metal low-wing aircraft with two side-by-side configured seats and fixed tri-cycle landing gear . It is powered by Rotax 912 ULS engine providing 100PS in pull configuration. Aircraft includes dual controls, electrical flaps, variable pitch propeller, wide comfortable cabin and parachute rescue system. Range of this aircraft is up to 1200 km due to size of its fuel tank.

 Bristell NG5
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Aviation Federation, KolArms
Length (m)6,45
Height (m)2,28
Wingspan (m)8,13
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
The maximum ceiling (m) 4000
Maximum range (km)1200
Maximum speed (km/h)270

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