Autogyro Cavalon – with AGN Gyromotion system

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Autogyro Cavalon – with AGN Gyromotion system

Cavalon is the first two-seater gyrocopter produced by the German company AutoGyro. It is a luxury model of the gyrocopter with a self-supporting construction made of glass and carbon fibers, seats arranged next to each other and a 3-wheel fixed chassis. It is an ideal combination of modern technology, design and innovation.

The Cavalon was awarded the RED DOT 2018 award in 2018. This award is one of the world’s most prestigious product design awards, and Cavalon received it for a sophisticated and innovative gyroplane solution. This also increases its reputation, credibility and interest in the global market.

The Cavalon meets the most demanding requirements not only from the outside and inside the cabin, it is also fully prepared under the hood. There is a range of Rotax engines available.

The most powerful Rotax 915 iS engine with injection offers an output of 141 hp, which allows you to fly 200 km / h. Other 912 ULS Turbo or 914 ULS engines also have a solid output of 135 or 115 hp.

An integrated 100 liter tank for 95 or 98 octane motor gasoline or AVGAS aviation gasoline is enough for 6 hours of flight.

The rotor head with pre-rotation at 350 revolutions, with powerful motors and various types of fixed and adjustable propellers in our offer, allows starting on a very short distance.

The Gyromotion system invented by company AGN Systems is unique and one of its kind with its patented road technology. Thanks to a pair of electric motors, the gyrocopter is able to drive 40 km / h, with a 50 km range and can easily handle up to 15 ° incline. Gyromotion can be installed on all Autogyro rotorcraft product models.

Custom design by painting or foil is a matter of course. As well as the choice of interior, avionics, equipped with anatomically heated fabric or leather seats with a choice of a range of accessories.

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Autogyro Cavalon - with AGN Gyromotion system
CountryGermany / Czech Republic
Operated byFlyway s.r.o.
Length (m)4,6
Height (m)2,8
Main rotor diameter (m)8,4
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560
The maximum ceiling (m)5000
Maximum range (km)600
Maximum speed (km/h)200

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