Autogyro Calidus

Flyway s.r.o.

The Calidus model line is another model produced by AutoGyro. It has been very popular since its launch. It has a self-supporting structure, 2 seats in tandem layout and 3 wheeled fixed chassis. For Calidus, the patented Silent Block System was used for the first time, which effectively reduces noise and vibrations. It is an ideal model for those who are looking for a perfect view from the pilot’s and passenger’s seats. In addition, the aerodynamic shape guarantees excellent flight performance

Calidus has the most powerful Rotax engine under the hood. Rotax 915 iS with fuel injection and offers 141 horsepower. It allows him to fly at speeds over 200 km / h. All types and power variants of Rotax engines are available in the selection of engines, for example the 912 ULS Turbo with 135 HP or the 914 ULS with 115 HP.

An integrated 70 liter tank for 95 or 98 octane motor gasoline or AVGAS aviation gasoline is enough for 5 hours of flight.

The rotor head with pre-rotation at 350 revolutions, with powerful motors and various types of fixed and adjustable propellers in our offer, allows starting on a very short distance.

Calidus is comfortable in any climate. Thanks to the heated cabin, it is possible to fly even in winter, the pilot’s seat is adjustable, you can choose from a wide range of cabin covers (winter, summer, with sun visor). The ideal aerodynamic shape guarantees low consumption and minimal noise. The most modern technologies are used in the production.

There is also custom design with paint or foil, choice of interior, dashboards, avionics, anatomical, heated, fabric or leather seats with a choice of a range of accessories.

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Autogyro Calidus
CountryCzech Republic
Operated byFlyway s.r.o.
Length (m)4,6
Height (m)2,8
Main rotor diameter (m)8,4
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560
The maximum ceiling (m)5000
Maximum range (km)600
Maximum speed (km/h)200

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