Antonov An-2 „Anyushka“

Slovak Aviation Federation

Antonov AN-2 is Soviet made single-engine aircraft developed as multi-role agricultural aircraft and it represents the largest operated biplane in the world.
It is powered by 9-cylinder radial engine Shvetsov ASh-62 which provides it with 1 000 horse powers.
Crew consists of 1 or 2 pilots. Capacity of this aircraft is 12 passengers or 1 500kg of cargo.
This aircraft was widely used for many military and civilian operations including crop-dusting, transport of passengers, cargo and mail, firefighting or meteorological sampling and dropping paratroopers.

 Antonov An-2 „ANDULA“
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak Aviation Federation
Length (m)5,08
Height (m)2,70
Wingspan (m)18,20
Maximum take-off weight (kg)5500
The maximum ceiling (m) 4400
Maximum range (km)900
Maximum speed (km/h)258

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