Altus Aero Kft

Altus is a new hungarian double seater side-by-side single engine motorglider. The low wing and the seat position gives an excellent view from the cockpit. The large baggage compartment allows to make real cross country tours. The focus of the design was a friendly flight and stall characteristics, and easy mantenance. Altus has flown 5 FAI World Records, distance, speed and gliding, proofing its capabilities. After 5 years of intense flight testing with more than 700 flight hours serial production starting in 2022.

Operated byAltus Aero
Length (m)7,00
Height (m)1,80
Wingspan (m)15,00
Maximum take-off weight (kg)600
Maximum ceiling (m)6000
Maximum range (km)2000
Maximum speed (km/h)250

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