Aeropro s.r.o.

Aeropro s.r.o.

The AEROPRO company is engaged in the production of EuroFOX light sports aircraft. The company dates back to 1990. At the beginning, there were four modellers who, in the period after the gentle revolution, decided to produce ultralight aircraft, thus starting the post-revolutionary aviation industry in the Slovak Republic. They have successfully continued the long tradition of aircraft production in Nitra. Her work undoubtedly led to the birth of several successful Slovak projects.

At present, the AEROPRO company has more than 600 manufactured EuroFOX aircraft that fly in countries around the world. The EuroFOX aircraft is a two-seater aircraft designed with strut. It is characterized by good flight characteristics, easy maintenance and excellent views from the cabin.

Progress, a word that has become not only a corporate symbol but also a slogan and the main sign of the company’s progress. Proof of this is the constantly evolving EuroFOX aircraft, whose cockpits are equipped with state-of-the-art elements and systems ensuring comfortable piloting and comfort on board.

Flexibility, a characteristic that can describe not only the company’s response to constantly evolving market requirements but also the products themselves. EuroFOX aircraft, which, thanks to their simplicity, have become an integral part of aeroclubs around the world, can also satisfy even the most demanding customers. Each customer has the opportunity to configure the aircraft according to their requirements and ideas.

Quality, the quality that matters most to you. Proof of quality is also the constant interest and positive references from customers around the world. The modeling skills of the founders were put to good use in quality and precisely performed work and the main feature of production processes.

During the production and innovation of EuroFOX aircraft, the company began developing a new VISION aircraft in 2010. The VISION aircraft is an all-composite upper wing characterized by a business class standard. The company completed the development of the VISION aircraft with successful flight tests in 2020.

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