Aeroklub 4511 Boleraz o.z.

Aeroklub 4511 Boleraz o.z.

Aeroklub 4511 Boleraz o.z.

Aeroclub 4511 is a newly established aeroclub, focused on creating a project for lifelong education and raising awareness about the beauties of aviation, especially among the young generation. In addition to flight training, the Aeroclub also provides facilities for technical and theoretical training in the ultralight flying industry with a smooth transition to activities in the field of flying and maintenance of GA aircrafts.

Our goal is to keep aviation alive and available for future generations. Job of the aeroclub is to pass experience and knowledge for aviation enthusiasts in the fields of aviation, technical parts of aircraft, construction and maintenance of aircraft its engines as well as making the required maintenance.

Aeroclub 4511 cooperates with the company JOKERETRIKE s.r.o., where the members of the aeroclub participate in the development of the NISUS gyroscope as technical and flight consultants. The Aeroclub is also training new pilots of Flying Sports Facilities in cooperation with the Slovak Aviation Federation. We are also trying to increase awareness of aviation by organizing hobby group at the Secondary Industrial School of Transport in Trnava.

Aeroclub 4511 also cooperates with the civil association Rescue System Slovakia in the aim of which is to search for missing persons and help in the events of life-or-death situations to protect life and health.

All of these activities lead to the goal of providing our aviation with the qualified staff which is more than necessary because aviation miss pilots, technicians and managers that love every aspect of aviation.


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