AERO 145

Slovak National Aeroclub, Aeroclub Nitra

Aero 145 is a Czechoslovak, all-metal, twin-engine aircraft, which was used in the past mainly as a ‘‘ aerotaxi ‘‘. After the end of the Second World War, the idea of creating an aircraft for non-scheduled air transport was born in Aero Vodochody. The design of the Aero 145 aircraft is based on the German Siebel Si 204 aircraft. The first prototype took off in 1947 and serial production began in 1948. By transferring production from Aero Vodochody to Let Kunovice, the designers used more modern M 332 power units with 140 horsepower, more modern electrically adjustable propellers, a more modern cabin with fewer reinforcements along with other interior modifications and modernization of instrumentation.

The Aero 145 aircraft with the registration mark OM-NHS was manufactured in 1959 with the serial number 171422. The owner of the aircraft is Aeroklub Nitra.

 AERO 145
CountrySlovak Republic
Operated bySlovak National Aeroclub, Aeroclub Nitra
Length (m)7,77
Height (m)2,3
Wingspan (m)12,27
Maximum take-off weight (kg)1500
The maximum ceiling (m) 5900
Maximum range (km)1700
Maximum speed (km/h)250

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